Let's Thank Humanity

Self-employment for the differently-abled There is no greater gratification for us than witnessing the surge of empowerment that they are already equipped with.

Self employment for differently-abled people

It's time, that we as a privileged society, stopped looking at the differently-abled, differently. When they are constantly trying to overcome their challenges, all that they need is our encouragement and support for their abilities to be honed. Through our specially designed programmes, we try to foster self-employment opportunities for them. By doing so, we are not enabling them because they are already able; we are only trying to make them more empowered so they can be self-employed and self-reliant.


Projects by Year

Year Projects Approved Projects Executed Year Projects Approved Projects Executed
2011-2012 84 84 2012-2013 87 87
2013-2014 73 73 2014-2015 119 119
2015-2016 44 44 2016-2017 32 32
2017-2018 38 5 2018-2019 35 6

What We Do

At Let's thank foundation, our efforts are aimed at ensuring self-sufficiency for the differently-abled by creating sustainable businesses for them. We believe in recognizing the individual potential and giving the right direction not just for a bright today, but more importantly, for a promising tomorrow. Towards this, we have a systematic and streamlined process in place to ensure that our projects are well-executed.

Types of Self Employment

Let's thank foundation is an organization working towards helping the differently abled people to develop self-confidence. Our trust services will make us work on your behalf for the differently abled.

S.No Projects Amount (INR)
1 Small Grocery Shop 50,000/-
2 DTP Centre 60,000/-
3 Grocery Shop 1,00,000/-
4 Hand Loom 1,00,000/-
5 Garments 60,000/-
6 Tiffin Shop 70,000/-
7 Two Wheeler Workshop 60,000/-
8 Slipper Shop 40,000/-
9 Agarpatthi Sales 6,000/-
10 Stationary 1,00,000/-
11 Tea Stall 50,000/-
12 File Cutting / Binding 60,000/-
13 Lathe Workshop 1,00,000/-
14 Laundry / Ironing Shop 50,000/-
15 Fruits Shop(Trolley) 50,000/-
16 Spice Powder Making 60,000/-
17 Sofa Repair Shop 50,000/-
18 Mens Saloon Shop 50,000/-
19 Flower Shop 15,000/-
S.No Projects Amount (INR)
20 Xerox Shop 60,000/-
21 Mobile Service Shop 30,000/-
22 Fancy Store 80,000/-
23 Tailoring Shop 40,000/-
24 Rice Flour Shop 30,000/-
25 Men/Women Beauty Parlour 45,000/-
26 Milk Business 30,000/-
27 Candle Making 30,000/-
28 Cycle Workshop 40,000/-
29 Stove Repair Shop 40,000/-
30 Paper Cup 1,00,000/-
31 Electrical / Electronical Service 70,000/-
32 Mobile Puncher 60,000/-
33 Snacks Shop 60,000/-
34 Appalam Business 1,00,000/-
35 Carry bag / Paper Cup / Paper Plate (WS) 1,00,000/-
36 Centring Sheet Shop 60,000/-
37 Pooja Store 45,000/-
39 Sugar Cane Business 50,000/-

Adopt a Project

At Let's thank foundation, we extend an invaluable opportunity for you to be associated with a project that you will have the privilege to call all yours. By adopting an exclusive project, you get to be the benefactor for not just a venture, but the guiding light to someone's entrepreneurial dreams. Adopting a project is more than just merely donating in monetary terms; it is a priceless gesture for those who will always remember you in their prayers every time their efforts bring success

Beneficiary Name Project Name Project Cost (INR) Location
Vijayakannan fancy Shop 75000/- pollachi Adopt this project
Sakthivel Xerox Shop 60000/- Pollachi Adopt this project
gomathi petty shop 50000/- kumarapalayam Adopt this project
Selvam PETTY SHOP 35000/- Coimbatore medical college Adopt this project
Velmurugan PETTY SHOP 55000/- Vellalore Adopt this project
Uma Mageshwari PETTY SHOP 55000/- Kanuvai Adopt this project
Venisree E- Service Center 75000/- Ganapathy Adopt this project
Karthiga PETTY SHOP 55000/- Kadachanallur Adopt this project
Saravanakumar PETTY SHOP 55000/- Edapady Adopt this project
KARTHIKEYAN Medical Shop 6000/- Edapady Adopt this project
Perumal PETTY SHOP 55000/- Edapady Adopt this project
Ravi Cycle Work Shop 20000/- Veerapannadiyur Adopt this project
Kumar. M PETTY SHOP 55000/- Thanner pandal palayam Adopt this project
Sandhiya XEROX SHOP 60000/- Thalavadi Adopt this project
Rama MILK BUSINESS 35000/- Thalavadi Adopt this project
Chandralekha E- Service Center 75000/- Kodumudi Adopt this project
BALASUBRAMANIAN Electroni Service Center 75000/- Ichipalayam Gramam po Adopt this project
Selvam s/o Lakshmi PETTY SHOP 55000/- Kandasamy Palayam Adopt this project
Geetha E- Service Center 75000/- Bhavani Adopt this project
Ajeesh S/o Udyakumari Tiffin Shop 55000/- Ganapathy Pudur Adopt this project
Raja Rajeshwari Fancy Store 60000/- Nayakkan Palayam Adopt this project
Durai PETTY SHOP 35000/- Selva puram Adopt this project
Palanisamy PETTY SHOP 55000/- Pandamangalam Adopt this project
KARTHIKEYAN PETTY SHOP 55000/- Paramathi Velur Adopt this project
Shanmugam PETTY SHOP 55000/- Kumarapalayam Adopt this project
Sathish Kumar Mobile service Center 50000/- Pandamangalam Adopt this project
Moorthi Tailoring Shop 50000/- Pandamangalam Adopt this project
Selvi PETTY SHOP 50000/- Anamalai Adopt this project
Sangeetha Fancy Store 60000/- Thelungu Palayam Adopt this project
Subramanian.G Tailoring Shop 60000/- Paramathi Velur Adopt this project
Sasikala PETTY SHOP 55000/- Kumarapalayam Adopt this project
Rasukutty JUTE BAG MAKING 60000/- Gopi Adopt this project
FAIZHAL RAHUMAN BAG TAILORING SHOP - Training Center 60000/- Sundarapuram Adopt this project
Suryakala PETTY SHOP 55000/- Manigkam Palayam Adopt this project
Nagendran PETTY SHOP 55000/- Erode Adopt this project
Boopathy Prasanth PETTY SHOP 55000/- Periya Semur Adopt this project
Vijaya PETTY SHOP 55000/- KK Savadi Adopt this project
Selvi PETTY SHOP 55000/- Panaiyam Palli Adopt this project
SARASWATHI MILK BUSINESS 35000/- Panaiyam Palli Adopt this project
Chitra MILK BUSINESS 35000/- Panaiyam Palli Adopt this project
Suresh PETTY SHOP 35000/- Mettupalayam Adopt this project
Sivagami PETTY SHOP 50000/- Vellalore Adopt this project
Jhonson PETTY SHOP 25000/- SUNDARAPURAM Adopt this project
Jayaraj PETTY SHOP 50000/- Gopi Adopt this project
Deepa Terracotta Fancy Store 50000/- Kanji Koil Adopt this project
Annamalai E- Service Center 75000/- Kanji Koil Adopt this project
Vasuki MILK BUSINESS 35000/- Gopi Adopt this project
Muthu chitra PETTY SHOP 55000/- Singanallur Adopt this project
Marimuthu PETTY SHOP 55000/- Muthukavundan Pudur Adopt this project
Guruprasath PETTY SHOP 55000/- Vadavalli Adopt this project
Durai Murugan E- Service Center 75000/- Kanji Koil Adopt this project
Bannari. A Petty Shop 50000/- K. Kavundampalayam Adopt this project
Sundari E- Service Center 60000/- Thandampalayam Adopt this project
Sumathi Garments 60000/- Aval Poonthurai Adopt this project
Palanisamy Garments 60000/- Modakuruchi Adopt this project
Noorjahan PETTY SHOP 50000/- Pallipalayam Adopt this project
DHANAPAL Cycle Work Shop 30000/- ARACHALUR Adopt this project
CHITRA PETTY SHOP 50000/- KOLLAMPALAYAM Adopt this project
Sugumar PETTY SHOP 50000/- Kumararapalayam Adopt this project
Murugan Petty Shop 50000/- Coimbatore Adopt this project
Dhanalakshmi TIFFIN SHOP 60000/- Coimbatore Adopt this project

Success Stories

Mr. Suresh babu.. one of our beneficieries who is now happy living his life with his pettyshop earning 4 to 5k per month, nowadays Mr. Suresh seems to be more energitic and productive at most of the time.

Mr. SureshBabu (Petty Shop)

- " Life is now Easier" Mr. Annamalai our beneficiery who was benefited recently has shared us his thought .

Mr. Annamalai (Browsing Centre)

Mrs. Dhanalakshmi is out there famous for her delightful Idly s and her striking smile, she wants everyone of her customers to be happy as she is...

Mrs. DhanaLakshmi (Tiffen shop)

Miss. Bannari in kumarapalayam, Marking her milestone for succcessfully running the oil store with an income of almost 15k per month.

Miss. Bannari (Oil Store)

One of our most valiant beneficiery, Running his E service centre Successfully, He is being one of our motivative Beneficiery who had climbed up to the greater hights on life.

Mr. Durai murugan (E service)

Mrs. Pagima has stopped worriying about her son s future, Cause her dress shop is now running peacefully with an income to support her family and also enough for her son s education, "We are feeling happy for you Pagima".

Mrs. Pagima (Dress Shop)

Mr. Panner selvam, A legacy of hard work, an idenity of well being and our beloved beneficiary. "We Wish you a great future "

Mr. Panner Selvam (Panner selvam)