Let’s Thank

A word of thanks,
A world of gratitude

At the Let's Thank Foundation, to live a life of gratitude remains at the heart of our philosophy. Society is a product of Nature and we need to give back to Mother Nature what we keep drawing from her. And by reaching out to the community in whatever we can, in spirit and in action, we believe that gratitude can be more than just a word.

News / Events

Weekly Awarness Program for Schools

This Weekly Event is to create awareness for schools students and to remind them the importance of Natural wellbeing.

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Our Projects

We at connaissance understand our social responsibility and hence
have come up with a new plan to give a social angle to our fest.

Let's Thank Humanity

It's time, that we as a privileged society, stopped looking at the differently-abled, differently. When they are constantly trying to overcome...

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Let's Thank Nature

We passionately work for the environment through a series of nature-related activities. Our focus is on increasing the urban green cover and...

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We believe in a cleaner and greener society and hence have decided to organize a host of cleanliness drives to create awareness about general cleanliness.

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Self Employment Project for Differently Abled


Nature Awareness to School Students


Tree Planted

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